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What are authors:

Authors of this Web-site are working at the Sechenov Institute for Evolutionary Physiology and Biochemistry under the Russian Academy of Science (IEPhB RAS), 44, M. Thorez, St-Petersburg, 194223, Russia.
We are a small but energetic team including three experts, as follows from left to right:

Ekatherina Magnitskaya (Savostyanova), PHD, Junior Researcher, Laboratory of Mathematical Simulation of Evolution (now unemployed)
Gennady Savostyanov, Dr. Sci. in Biology & PhD in Medicine, Senior Res. Worker, Laboratory of Sensory Organ Evolution;
Nadezhda M. Grefner, PhD, assistant professor, Laboratory of Cell`s uitrastrucrures, Res. Inst. of Citology, St-Petersburg, Russia.

The subject of the investigation:

Research methods:

For contacts:

Gennady Savostyanov, Laboratory of Sensory Organ Evolution, IEPhB RAS, 44, M. Thorez, St-Petersburg, 194223, Russia.
Fax: +7(812)552-30-12, phone: +7(812)550-49-89.
E-mail: gensav@iephb.ru; genasav38@mail.ru
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